Skiathos is an enchanting island of untold beauty! It has luxury and finesse and an abundance of life’s sweetest pleasures! In fact Skiathos was voted by the members of the travel community Trip Advisor as the second most favourite summer destination in Europe in 2012 and in the category of worldwide popularity rankings it came in 22nd! Furthermore, 9 of the beaches found on the island have been awarded with the Blue Flag certificate by the European Union - a testament to the quality of the islands upkeep and its preservations with nature.

I am not a travel agent, but merely have a passion for the island and would like to help promote its beauty. My vision for Skiathos Villa Vacations is to suggest beautiful places for you to stay in, and to encourage you to come in early June, when I plan to be there, and to join in on the recreation excursions and wellness retreats in terms of replenishing your soul and getting reconnected to your inner spirit! Keep reading »